Cone Beam Computer Tomography

A picture paints ‘You’ a thousand words.

Cone Beam Computer Tomography

Let’s be honest you can’t avoid them. All suppliers offer one, and in the last 18 months alone I have certainly seen a huge shift towards more Dental Practices owning a Cone Beam Computer Tomography then ever before.

Rewinding 15 years when I was selling the first ‘focused field of view’ Kodak 9000 CBCT, that was the size of a transit van. It needed a PC spec’ that Bill Gates would have been proud of, not to mention the three engineers it took just to unbox it. I cannot help but admire how far CBCT has moved on.

CBCT technological advancements have moved on at such speed which has resulted in lower dose, better focused fields of view and improved image quality. With a footprint that will fit into any room is an outstanding achievement by the manufacturers. The look and feel of the units are now sleek and sexy and brings a real touch of class to any Practice.

Benefits of CBCT

The clinical freedom that a CBCT scan brings in a treatment consultation is a great benefit. I also feel the patient awareness about the use of CBCT in dentistry is increasing. It offers a much higher treatment acceptance. The scan offers the dentist the knowledge and peace of mind that any element of iatrogenic injuries is removed. Let’s also not forget, what a great way to communicate with a patient! With some units using a 3D face photo to help explain and plan – simply amazing! All of which can only lead to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

For those practitioners offering dental implants, being able to take a 3D view of where the implant will be situated is hugely advantageous. CBCT technology allows the dentist to take accurate measurements of the ridge height and width. Also reliably assess bone quality with a click of a button! An array of software from the manufacturers and 3rd parties are giving the ability to also merge CBCT scans with your I/O scans. This enables accurate implant planning to design and 3D print surgical guides. Implants themselves have also seen a huge increase in uptake. They are more acceptable to patients now as a great alternative. Even my mother has two!

What does the future hold for CBCT?

I do not know the answer to that as I am sure you probably need to sign an NDA of sort. However, what I do know is, the innovation the manufacturers are bringing into dentistry is certainly an exciting thing to watch, so what could be next?

I touched on this when I was interviewed with ‘leadership in dentistry’, with the growth of artificial intelligence. Surely the potential for CBCT scans to be automatically reporting are huge and a ‘what if’ – screening for oral cancer!

I am sure even the smaller fields of view will mean more focused imaging. With the technology already out there in photography, maybe more continued enhancements with motion correction. I can see that will benefit many patients who cannot stand still for more than 15 seconds!

In the 26 years of working in the dental sector, I have seen how CBCT has evolved in our wonderful world of dentistry. It has had a positive impact for both the dentists and patients alike.

Final thoughts from me, the price of CBCT has come down significantly. Being able to own one from as little as £600 per month, makes it available to everyone.

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