WestWon Dental Supports Charity
with Dental Finance

WestWon Dental Supports Charity
with Dental Finance

Background of Wells on Wheels

Here at WestWon Dental, we are always on the lookout to do our bit for those around the world who need our help. Choosing and supporting a charity was therefore the most important thing we looked to achieve a couple of years ago. During our search we came across Wells on Wheels. Immediately, they became a charity that we cared about.

Wells on Wheels was founded by Shaz Memon in 2019. After numerous discussions we felt not only compelled but excited to see how we could help, and ultimately put a plan in place for what we could do. They were able to open our eyes to the daily struggle that women and children got through in India, all to collect water for their families and local rural villages.

So why do Wells on Wheels need our help?

When collecting water, there are several physical and health concerns that come with it. Due to the obvious necessity of water, it traps women and children in a vicious cycle. On average, they walk around 1-2 miles a day, all whilst carrying the water on their heads. The weight from carrying the water all day long takes a toll on their neck and back. It can lead to chronic pain and in some extreme cases it can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. These can lead to complications during childbirth, an obvious life-threatening risk. In addition to this, some women are even pregnant or carrying their babies when walking all that way to collect water.

WoW Charity

Their product – the Water Wheel

The Water Wheel is designed by a company called Wello. It’s essentially a large, round water drum that has handles on either side. This is so it can be rolled easily by women and children along the ground with ease. Instead of carrying water on their heads and developing the awful complications seen above, like chronic neck and back pain. Instead they can roll the water from one location to the next.

In a single bucket the same amount of water can be held up to 5 times more in the Water Wheel. Making it much more efficient as it’s able to transport 5 times more water.

WestWon Dental’s ultimate goal is to provide enough Water Wheels to sustain the livelihood of 85 families in 2022.

Please see below to see the positive impact that the Water Wheels is having upon the education of young women in rural India:

Damini’s Story

Manoj, a Teacher’s Story

Yogita’s Story

WoW Charity

Help us reach our target and continue to improve the lives of thousands of women and children living in India subject to this way of life