Chairman’s Statement

Chairman’s Statement

WestWon Woodland Sustainability Policy

Saying we are a climate positive company on our journey to becoming a carbon negative organisation is a big statement. Rightly, it leaves us open to criticism and judgement by our stakeholders and the wider population. Hence, detailed here in the ‘WestWon Woodland Sustainability Policy’ are some clear facts of our intentions and beliefs. Most importantly, caveats around our climate positive pledge.

WestWon, our employees and team members of our associated companies are not experts in the environment and the damage that CO2 emissions are creating. We rely on third party advice. This is from people and organisations we believe to hold a greater knowledge on this subject than we do. However, saying this, we have done thorough research on this subject which we believe has allowed us to make educated decisions such as working with a range of companies to help us reach this goal.

Tree Planting

Our pledge is a statement to how we do our part to help save the world in which we operate. We have focused on a tree planting program that may or may not be the best solution to reducing CO2. However, due to accessibility, we have chosen this approach. Planting of trees can be viewed as a marketing gimmick. When we are using marketing headlines such as ‘WestWon Woodland,’ we are not suggesting in any way that we own a woodland ourselves. We are referring to woodland where monies we have donated are used to plant trees. This is around the world in places such as Mozambique, as well as a small portion of trees planted here in the UK.

Climate Positive Company

Likewise, we have been given an average of how much CO2 an individual employee is accountable for in a year. We know from using the Ecologi carbon calculator that the rough number of trees that need planting for 25 employees is around 3,600 trees. This is an average, taken from the calculator based on advice taken on this subject.

Who we are and what this means for us

WestWon are a leasing company, we facilitate business growth by helping to fund assets. This can be from a laptop to an office move, vehicle or dentist chair. Fuelling investment into companies provides funds to buy more assets, hence creating more CO2 in the production process. We, like any other leasing and asset finance companies, leave ourselves wide open to criticism when we talk about our green, climate positive or sustainability program.

To help tackle this, we have a continual plan to work with likeminded suppliers of equipment in the UK.

Working with a carefully selected range of companies

WestWon have undertaken research into companies who focus on how to become a carbon neutral or climate positive company. One of the simplest solutions, which most people can clearly relate to, is the planting of trees.

There are several companies that operate in the UK in this sector. After careful consideration, WestWon have chosen to team up with a couple of companies, one being Ecologi. We have a contract in place with this company where we make a monthly donation that is used to offset the carbon for our employees. Some of these monies will be used for administrative and marketing purposes in their company. We have also teamed up with a not-for-profit called Plant for the Planet. Through them we will be planting our trees. For example, for every month of a lease agreement with our customers.

Ecologi can be contacted on Please call them if they can assist your business in any way. Or additionally if you would like comfort surrounding the donations that we make.

‘WestWon Woodland’ and ‘Branch out and lease a Tree’

We use various marketing terms, slogans, and strap lines in our business.

WestWon does not own woodland, our donations go into a central fund used to pay for the planting of trees in the UK and abroad. The WestWon Woodland is our vision of a large expanse of area covered by trees funded by our company.

Likewise, you cannot lease a tree directly.

For further information on our ‘WestWon Woodland Sustainability Policy’ please contact the Marketing team.