Race the Sun

18th September 2021

After months of training, our CEO Jeremy Hall set off to take part in the ‘Race The Sun’ challenge, raising money on behalf of Action Medical Research. He tells the story…

‘We drove the five-hour journey to the Lake District in my friends’ Tesla, which was an experience in itself. He only put his foot on the brake a few times during the 270-mile journey. Once there, we had an early night to be fresh and ready for our 6.34am start. The day consisted of a 40 mile bike ride, a 2.5 mile canoe trip followed by an eleven mile hike up to the 3,054 ft summit of Shiddaw Mountain. Tired and drained we returned back to base at 5.45pm. An amazing day shared with my two friends Dominic and Tony. Our team raised over £5,000 for a very worthwhile charity.’ If you wish to read more, please take a look at our blog.

One of the key features of lockdown throughout the world has been how people have been focusing on health and wellbeing. When we talk about health, we are making reference to both mental and physical. Whilst at a company level we cannot dictate that our teams should keep fit and healthy, hopefully we can send a positive message to all our colleagues about how seriously we are taking health and wellbeing at WestWon.