Indemnity Insurance Loans

Here at WestWon Dental we proud to help dental practices all over the UK. We are now offering funding for a range of loans including Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We also provide funding for VAT Loans, Corporation Tax Loans, Working Capital Loans and Professions finance.

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PII Funding explained

Professional Indemnity Insurance is often abbreviated and known as PII. It can also be known as PI cover. Essentially, it’s an insurance policy for UK businesses who may offer advice to their customers.

If their clients are not happy with the advice they have been given, or any other complaints, for example, about the level of customer service, they can put your company at risk.

There are several professions that will have PII, however it is not a legal requirement.

As it covers your business and is one of the most vital policies you can have in place, it can amount to one of the biggest yearly costs your business can face.

However, through WestWon Dental we can help you finance this lump sum.

Instead of paying it all in one go, you finance it with fixed monthly payments.

You are therefore budgeting and paying for your PII over the course of the policy.

Subject to credit, we can finance your PII, from the shortest term of 3 months up to the longest being 18 months.

The process itself is very simple. To start, you send us a copy of your PII quote from your insurance organisation.

We can send you an instant quote that will enable you to see the monthly repayments you would be making. Alternatively, you can use our PII calculator below!

When we have spoken and you have approved the quote and we have received all the necessary information from you, we can send your details to our panel of lenders.

The professional indemnity finance provider (all UK based) will then decide if you are credit accepted.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It can take up to 48 hours to obtain a credit acceptance, but we normally try to get approval within the first 24-hour period.

When accepted, we can send over the agreement which you will sign by electronic signature. Our funder will then pay your insurance company directly. Depending on the term of monthly payments, you will then start making your fixed payments.

Because the loan can be over such a short time, the interest you will pay will be relatively small.

We also do not charge you on top of the monthly premium, so there will be full transparency and no hidden costs.

If at any point you wish to settle the outstanding monthly payments you can do, there will be no early settlement fee for you to pay.

All the monthly costs are collected through direct debit.

The main benefit to using finance to help fun your PII is that you are able to leave money in the business for other purposes. It allows you to budget well and accurately too.

If you would like more information on what we can offer you here at WestWon Dental then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can enquire by contacting us here.

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PII Finance Calculator