Planmeca ProX

Planmeca ProX

An advanced intraoral X-ray unit that provides easy and precise positioning, with the ability to integrate the Planmeca ProSensor HD enabling a seamless digital workflow. The premium intraoral X-ray unit, the Planmeca ProX! 

A round up of its benefits

Pre-programmed settings

Quick and easy to use

User friendly controls

Variable kV and mA

Integration with ProSensor HD

Multiple installation options

Romexis integration 

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Usability and Integration
  • Several installation possibilities

    Each dental clinic is unique, it is vital to offer various types of possibilities for integrating equipment. It can be fixed in many ways to fit the individual layouts and workflow likings of any practice.

  • Intraoral sensor integration

    Merging the Planmeca ProX intraoral X-ray unit with the Planmeca ProSensor® HD digital intraoral sensor promotes user-friendliness to the next degree – letting images to be shown on-screen just seconds after exposure.

Fast and Flexible
  • Fast imaging parameter settings

    It is equipped with pre-programmed settings for various exposure value combinations. Its imaging parameters are automatically saved corresponding to the chosen exposure region and diagnostic requirement. You can also modify these values manually if needed.

  • Flexible intraoral imaging

    It adjusts to both the short-cone and long-cone imaging methods. The unit’s stable X-ray imaging arm offers precise and drift-free placement of its lightweight tube head.