Planmeca ProSensor HD

Planmeca ProSensor HD

The Planmeca ProSensor HD intraoral sensor offers a unique combination of unparalleled image quality, high-end patient-centred design and advanced usability. The digital sensor has been designed to last and provides durability that can be counted on. 

A round up of its benefits

Cutting-edge image quality 

Patient-centred design 

Designed to last 

High-end usability 

Intraoral X-ray unit integration

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Image quality and Design
  • Incredible image quality

    Providing detailed diagnostics, it takes clear, low-noise and high-contrast images. With a real resolution of over 20 lp/mm, the intraoral sensor produces HD image quality and its broad dynamic range guarantees effective results every time.

  • Patient-centred project

    To satisfy all intraoral imaging requirements, Planmeca ProSensor HD’s sensors come in three sizes. Their round edges means procedures are relaxing for patients, with exceptional images in seconds.

Usability and Long Lasting
  • High-end usability

    Planmeca ProSensor HD’s magnetic connector makes the intraoral sensor easy to affix, with its white colour enhancing visibility to help ease its position. The sensor’s stylish control box is stocked with a colour-coded LED light that offers instant visual feedback of the imaging process, while hermetically sealed housing guarantees efficient infection control.

  • Intended to last

    Intraoral sensors are certainly used to wear and tear in everyday use, but this latest piece of equipment has been developed to last. The sensor’s carbon fibre plate blocks bite marks, its shock protection layer protects against minor damage and its strengthened cable enhances durability.