Planmeca Compact i Classic

The New Classic of Dental Chairs

Ease of use

The Planmeca Compact i Classic has been especially designed for ease of use. With hands-free adjustment foot control, you can devote both hands to the area of attention.

Speedy sign-in system

The unique Planmeca PlanID sign-in system allows dentists to access their personal settings in an instant merely with a flash of a card. This allows flexibility of employee use throughout the surgery.

Practical Instrument Use

The balanced instrument controls on Planmeca Compact i Classic provides an ergonomic workflow as only slight movements are needed to use the instruments. The instruments are also interchangable combined with smooth console movements allow an effortless journey to customer satisfaction.

Durable Comfort

The Planmeca Compact i Classic provides unmatchable comfort alongside firm support for your patients even for longer appointments. Long lasting artificial leather combined with viscoelastic memory foam makes a reliable yet relaxing dental chair.

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Compact Design
  • Maximised Legroom

    The floating chair provides ample legroom for both dentist and assistant, allowing free movement around the treatment room.

  • High-caliber infection control

    There is now added emphasis on the standard of sanitation of premises, and quite rightly so. But Planmeca Compact i Classic seamlessly complies with these expectations. With smooth, powder-coated surfaces, and automatic flushing and cleaning programs, Planmeca Compact i Classic meets the strictest infection control requirements.

  • Preferred Language Learning

    Planmeca Compact i Classic provides guidance in your preferred language making the process that much easier!

Enhanced Customer Comfort
  • The chair follows the shape of bodily contours

    This chair provides both comfort and firm support for your client. The double articulated headrest allows comfortable positioning for your patient’s head and armrests can even be fitted for extra support!

  • Foldable leg rest

    The foldable leg rest makes it effortless for your patient to retire from the chair.

  • Two upholstery options available

    Both options are the highest of quality and available in a range of colours for you to choose from!