CS 8200 3D

A recognised and multitalented CBCT system. It includes an extensive field of view that is perfect for practices who want to increase their treatment abilities. It’s driven by our premium imaging technologies and software. The CS 8200 3D provides excellent image quality in all modes. It also helps distinguish your practice by offering more in-office services.

A round up of its benefits

Adaptable 2D/3D system perfect for improving treatment capabilities

Expanded field of view—up to 12 cm x 10 cm—ideal for full arch scans

Exceptional 2D/3D images due to the most recent premium technology

High-resolution 3D images with reduced artifacts and noise

Advanced 2D/3D software for easy image review

Integrated solutions simplify workflow and help keeping patient in-house

CS 8200 3D

Expand Your Vision. Expand Your Practice.

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

Why choose this particular piece of equipment?

High quality images and smart design
  • Low dose images

    The low-dose mode provides high-quality 3D images at the equivalent or lower dose as a normal panoramic exam for safer examinations.

  • Mega-compact and smart design

    Very compact in order to fit into small spaces, the CS 8200 3D includes the best intuitive workflow and laser-free face-to-face positioning.

  • Driven by CS Imaging version 8

    Our software links all our imaging and CAD/CAM technologies into one individual platform—the initial move to an efficient digital workflow.

Unique technology and versatility
  • Recognised 2D/3D adaptability

    The CS 8200 3D combines 2D panoramic technology and CBCT imaging together with 3D model scanning to generate one effective unit.

  • Selectable areas of view
    Six selectable fields of view, from 4 cm x 4 cm to 12 cm x 10 cm, cover all vast diagnostic requirements of dental and specialty practices.
  • Exclusive CS Mar technology

    Exclusive CS MAR1 technology with live comparison tool significantly decreases metal artifacts, helps verify diagnosis and lowers the danger of misinterpretation.