Continuing with the theme of keeping fit, one of our older members of the team takes part in the Dorney Lake Half Marathon

Sunday December 12th 2021 – Continuing with the theme of keeping fit

The Dorney Lake half marathon is one of the easier UK runs to complete. Being completely flat and on a great tarmac surface. Whilst some might say four laps around a man-made lake is not that exciting, others will argue it is excellent as you can lap people and see how everyone is doing.

Jeremy Hall speaks up about how he was able to take part in the event and compete the 13.1 miles in just over two hours.

‘ I am lucky, my friend Will Ing and I have been running together for over seven years. Never underestimate the importance of a fitness companion. He or she will be there to spur you on, wind, rain or shine. Our weekly agenda consists of three early morning runs. During the week we will do a four mile and then a five-mile run. At the weekend, it will be a lot more depending on our training program. Two weeks before the half marathon we will get up to the full twelve miles before tapering the mileage down to eight miles.

Everyone talks about how running keeps you fit and the weight off. For me, the real benefit is how I feel mentally after a run. Alive, active, full of energy. For all you none runners out there, give it a go!’

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